"Why My Mom is the Best!" - ESSAY CONTEST

May 28th 2009

My daughter Arianna who loves creative writing came up with a fabulous idea. An Essay Contest! Winner will recieve: 1. Pink Parisian Dress – Pink with black polka dot dress2. Pink Ankle Socks3. Black … read more

"Kit Kittredge: An American Girl"

May 27th 2009

Arianna and I love American Girl Doll movies but I must say my favorite is "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl". The cast was incredible. I loved Abigail Breslin performances and the movie itself bit … read more

American Girl 10th Historical Doll Rebecca Rubin

May 27th 2009

With just a few days away. Many girls are just waiting for excitement for the launching of the new historical doll Rebecca Rubin, the 10th historical doll. I just got this pic in from a friend and she … read more

Happy Birthday Kit & Samantha!

May 18th 2009

Here are some cool outfit and accessories to celebrate Kit May 19th & Samantha May 26th Birthdays. This adorable pink and Aqua floral dress is too pretty to pass by and to complete Kits love for … read more

A Cool Way For Kids To Earn Money

May 18th 2009

Here's a cool way for your kids to earn money. is an online survey panel where kids can tell the companies that make products and services for them how they look through kids' eyes an … read more