American Girl 10th Historical Doll Rebecca Rubin

With just a few days away. Many girls are just waiting for excitement for the launching of the new historical doll Rebecca Rubin, the 10th historical doll. I just got this pic in from a friend and she is a beauty. Rebecca Rubin, a 9 year old Jewish American girl, from the 1914 era living in lower east side, NYC. As for her Russian immigrant family, times are changing on the Lower East Side. Rebecca’s struggles to find her niche and balance the worlds of tradition and modernity.

Originally, as per Megan Boswell, director of design and development, American Girl, Rebecca's hair color was debated for years. Rebecca's hair started out being dark auburn, then went to dark brown. Then the company worried dark brown would be too typical and predictable.

In the end, after many discussions weighing out the advantages of both approaches. The company created what they felt was an optimum combination and gave her a new mid-tone brown hair color with russet highlights and hazel eyes. Rebecca, who comes with a line of culturally authentic clothes and accessories such as a menorah, a dreidel, Shabbat candlesticks and challah.

There is a six book series written by Jacqueline Dembar Greene, who has published a historical book about Jewish immigrants for young adults, Rebecca’s six-book series

  • Meet Rebecca
  • Rebecca and Ana
  • Candlelight for Rebecca
  • Rebecca and the Movies
  • Rebecca to the Rescue
  • Changes for Rebecca

Technically, she is the second Jewish doll American Girl has now to offer but the first with the historical dolls. In 2001 American Girl launched Lindsay Bergman, who was one of the “Girl of the Year” series, and Lindsay was available for that year only. Although, I have seen her on sale on ebay new for a hefty price or used for a moderate price.

Rebecca’s release date was originally scheduled to be June 1, but it was moved to coincide with Manhattan’s Israel Day parade.

If you are in one of the area below, your girl can meet Ms. Greene, the award-winning author of American Girl newest historical character's book series! This informal session is an opportunity to meet Ms. Greene in person and have her books signed. Free and open to the public. For girls ages 8 and up.
At this casual event, girls can create crafts and enjoy activities inspired by the stories of our newest historical character. Event details by store

Boston: June 28
Chicago: June 7
New York: May 31

Arianna and I will definitely be visiting the NY store this Sunday. We definitely want to meet the author and have a book signed.

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