American Girl Goty 2012 – McKenna


Mckenna is here!   American Girl Doll of the year 2012  Mckenna, a fourth grader who is a passionate gymnast and like some girls struggles with reading.  Her story how she uses her strength as a gymnast to succeed in challenges she faces with reading.

Mckenna has long, caramel-colored hair and blue eyes.  She comes dressed in a sporty striped dress with flutter sleeves, a dropped waist, and a pleated skirt, teal leggings that stretch for the splits! Strap slide-on shoes,purple cotton underwear and a  hairband to sweep her hair back during gymnastics practice.


Her Starter collection includes the above plus

  • McKenna’s Accessories: a gym bag; mini Fantastic Gymnastics book; gym ID card; three faux dollars; a pretend water bottle and healthy snack; a poetry journal, book report, and letter of congratulations; and a special necklace from her grandmother.
  • McKenna’s Practice Wardrobe: a sleeveless leotard; twist-front sweater; team tee and velour shorts; ankle brace for extra support; plus a headband, four hairbands, six purple elastics, and a fun hairstyle card with step-by-step instructions for a braided ponytail!
  • Exclusive! McKenna’s Warm-Up Outfit: A sporty zip-up sweatshirt and pair of pants she can toss on over her leotard, plus a pair of sneakers and two orange hairbands.
  • Two paperback books, McKenna and McKenna: Ready to Fly!

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