Birthday Wishes Samantha Parkington

samathaSamantha Parkington born May 26th 1895,  a bright, loving and compassionate orphan girl who was raised by her wealthy grandmother “GrandMary” in Mount Bedford, NY in 1904.   Samantha’s parent died in a boating accident when she was 5 years old.  Beside having GrandMary, another important figure in her life was Uncle Gardner who was very much a father figure to her.

Samantha learns the realities of her Edwardian world – from her life of luxury to the prejudices and difficulties faced by women and the lower classes.  Samantha’s best friend is Nellie  O’Malley who has also been archived by American Girl.  American Girl first introduced Samantha in 1986 along with Molly and Kirsten.   Samantha is still till this day the most favorable and popular doll.  Her books were written by three different authors, most notably Valerie Tripp, and were the first of the books to be published. The first American Girl TV movie was produced about Samantha. It was called Samantha: An American Girl Holiday and it debuted November 23, 2004 on the WB.

Although, Samantha doll was sold out on February 2009 and officially archived on May 31, 2009, you still might be able to purchase her new or used on sites like Ebay.   Samantha books, movie and mini doll are still available for sale.


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