Celebrate May 1st - It's Julie's Birthday

Birthday wishes to Julie! Julie Albright is a fun-loving San Francisco girl who faces big changes. Changes in her life become challenging, as moving away from her best friend, Ivy Ling, and starting over at a new house and school. But soon enough, Julie learns how to create a few changes of her own. In an era when events of the time range from women’s rights to title IX and more.

Julie Albright was added to the American Girls in September 2007. Julie is the twelfth historical doll, and she was the first historical doll from a new era since Kaya was introduced in 2002. Julie got her own trading card set like the rest of the historical girls.

If you haven't read any of Julie's stories, here are her titles and can be found at your library.

  • Meet Julie, by Megan McDonald
  • Julie Tells Her Story , by Megan McDonald
  • Happy New Year, Julie, by Megan McDonald
  • Julie and the Eagles, by Megan McDonald
  • Julie’s Journey, by Megan McDonald
  • Changes for Julie, by Megan McDonald
  • Good Luck, Ivy, by Lisa Yee

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