Chinese New Year 2014 The Year of the Horse

IMG_9176 copyThis year’s Chinese New Year, celebrate the year of the Horse.   To celebrate the new year your 18 inch doll can wear this beautiful Madame Butterfly costume. Elegant Asian dragon red brocade with gold trim,  bell sleeve kimono.  Red sleeveless v neck dress, gold obi sash and red fan with a clear loop for your doll to hold.  Available at My Pink Planet

Year Chinese New Year Begins Animal Sign
2012 January 23 Dragon
2013 February 10 Snake
2014 January 31 Horse
2015 February 19 Sheep
2016 February 8 Monkey
2017 January 28 Rooster
2018 February 16 Dog
2019 February 5 Pig
2020 January 25 Rat
2021 February 12 Ox
2022 February 1 Tiger
2023 January 22 Rabbit

What is Chinese new year about?     Chinese New Year is a holiday that celebrates the beginning of a new year according to the lunar calendar. It is considered to be one of the most important holidays for Chinese families.   Family gathering, gift giving, symbolic foods, and beautiful colorful  festive decorations.   In China the celebration last for a month.   Some chinese traditions for Chinese New Year are:  1. Clean house from top to bottom.  It is believe doing so, will ward off any bad luck in the future and rid of any bad luck from the previous year.    The cleaning must be completed by New Year’s eve and ready to recieve good luck in the coming year.  2. Decorating the house .  Families hang up posters and signs on doors and windows with the word “FU” written on them.     Fu means luck and happiness.   Flowers is also another favorites and symbolizes the coming of spring, a new beginning.     3.  Family gathering at the table.   On New Year’s eve, family visits are common and having a huge dinner.   They serve about 8 or nine dishes, partly beacuse of their lucky numbers.   The Chinese word for 8 is “baat”  prosperity and fortune.   nine = longlasting, often used for weddings.  4. Giving good luck gifts is another tradition.   Adults hand out to children little red envelopes “hong bao” filled with money.  This symbolizes wealth and prosperity for the coming year.     5. Red and gold are lucky colors.  Black and white are never worn on Chinese New Year, they bring bad luck during the holiday.


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