Doll Care Tips for Your 18 inch American Girl® Doll

My daughter and I love to visit the American Girl® Place. We always dine at the cafe my daughter's favorite is of course their dessert. I must say, it's just too pretty to eat. One favorite spot in the store is the doll's hair salon. You can hang out and watch the stylists spruce up some magnificent magic do's. One of the stylists had shared some really important doll care tips, which I would love to share with you. There are also some tips from a good friend who is an avid doll collector for over forty two years. I hope these are helpful as they have been for me and my daughter.
Always Wash your hands before handling your doll. By doing so you will keep her clean longer.

  • There are three essential items for brushing your doll's hair.
  1. Doll wire hairbrush
  2. Misting bottle
  3. A towel or apron
  • Always use a doll's wire hairbrush. If you brush your doll'd hair daily it will prevent from getting tangled but always remember to mist lightly. If you brush your doll's hair dry it may cause ripping and damage to your doll's hair which is made of synthetic fibers.
  • Never put mousse, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, tangle free liquids, foam or any chemicals on your doll's hair. Your doll does not have human hair and therefore by applying those items mentioned above with only damage your doll's hair. Remember water "H20" is only the best and recommended by American Girl©.
  • Never use blowdryers, curling irons or straightners on your doll's hair otherwise you will literally melt her hair. There are other safe and fun alternatives to curling and styling your doll's hair. American Girl©. sells perm rods and curling paper but here is an economical way my daughter and neice came up with. Use paper towel or toliet paper tubes and cut about an inch or so. Take a strand of hair, lightly mist, fold curling paper and roll the paper tube like a roller, fasten with a bobbie pin or clip, let dry and fluff with fingers. The aftermath is beautiful. You can also mist a strand of hair , fold curling paper, twist and dry.
  • If your doll's hair does gets tangled do not use what you would normally use on your own hair ie. detangled mist or creme rinse. Just mist water on your doll's hair and brush it from the ends and work your way up, in strands
  • Always avoid getting water on your doll's skin. My daughter puts an apron or a towel on her doll before spritzing and doesn't allow the water to come in contact with her doll's face.
    Never keep your doll in direct sunlight. If you leave your doll in the sun all of her coloring will fade, including her doll clothes.
  • Baking soda works well to wash your doll's face. If your doll has a stain you can use a little baking soda on a lightly dampened washcloth and gently wash her face. Let it air dry after wards.
  • With mom's help you can help keep your doll's cloth body clean and smell fresh. Have mom vacuum the soft cloth body, lightly sprinkle some baking soda or cornstarch in to the cloth, leave overnight, and then vacuum again.
  • Doll clothes should be hand wash or machine wash in Delicate cycle.
    Try to avoid eating with your dolls. If food comes in contact, have your mom help you clean her up.
  • If your doll's head loosens, it can be tighten. Untie the strings at the back of the neck of your doll and secure the head in place. Make two knots with the strings to keep secure.
  • If you plan to store your doll long period of time, Use the original box or a clean, dry container and store out of sunlight. Remember to undress her for possible dyes from fabric staining your doll's body over time and storing her facing down will keep her eyes from sinking in, again over a period of time. undress your doll, wrap her in tissue paper and lay flat preferrably in original box. If original box is not available, use a dry, clean out of sunlight. Never store your doll in a closed plastic box. With any trace of moisture, your doll get mildew. Keep her store her in a clean, dry place that is out of direct sunlight.

My daughter has 10 American girl dolls. Ouch! :) One of her gripes was Molly's hair as many of you Molly owners can agree. We were told at the American Girl Place, that Molly's hair is textured. Therefore, her hair is best kept in braids. Since she followed their advice, she has since regain her fun with Molly. She works with Molly's braids, changing her hair bows, twirling each braid up on each side, attached into a single pony tail or french braid.
My darling daughter loves her dolls and enjoys dressing, reading to them as well as reading about them and having tea parties with them as well. She says "Momma, I will never depart with them. I plan on giving them to my daughter one day." As a mom, I am so thrilled to hear this. I know these dolls are a big investment but when I see how in tune she is with them and loves reading about them. I know is well worth the investment. Also, I love the innocence that these dolls contribute to young girls. In today's world, I find that to be a treasure.

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Doll Care Tips For Your 18 inch American Girl Doll

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