Earth Day April 22nd 2012


Earth Day is celebrated around the world and this year the date is set for Sunday, April 22nd and although some cities start their festivals and or rallies weeks before.    Earth Day was founded back in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson, and then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin and more than a billion people around the globe participate.   Earth Day is not just a day for celebrating but a day for promoting awareness of growing pollution within our water, air, and soil.  To promote respect for all forms of life on our beautiful and precious planet.   Everyone can pitch in one way or another.

Here are just a few things one can contribute for a safer planet.

  • Turn off tap water while brushing your teeth
  • Repair any leaking faucets
  • Turn off lights and TV when leaving a room
  • Try to walk, ride bikes, skateboard if possible  ( This also promotes great health)
  • Use public transportation if possible
  • Don’t litter, if you do come across garbage pick it up and dispose at nearest garbage can
  • Gather your friends and family for a day of picking up litter like at a park, recreational place, beaches, etc…
  • Recycle bottles, cans, paper, magazine – That one can that a person throws out  every day in a garbage can rather than recycle,  is 365 cans that person has polluted our soil and precious Earth in a year.
  • Unplug your appliances, phone or game chargers when not in use.  Did you know these accounts for about at least 10% of household energy?


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