Just Keep Swimming Dory Fits American Girl Dolls

10 years ago Finding Nemo was such a hit.with kids and adults. Moving forward we have Finding Dory another hit. Ari and Friends™ has introduced Just Keep Swimming Collection inpired by Pixar/Disney. 

  1. Just Keep Swimming Doll Leggings -  Vibrant and colorful Beautiful custom print fun fish such as Blue Tang, Clown Fish, Sea turtle, Seahorse and more! Super trendy look and A must have for your doll's wardrobe.

                                                          Just Keep Swimming Dory18 inch  Doll Leggings   

2. Just Keep Swimming Doll Dress -  Trendy Skater style dress, fun and whimsical darling sea life print dress Inspired by Nemo and Dory 18 Inch Doll Dress.

                                                    Just keep swimming Dory american girl doll dress  

  1. Just Keep Swimming Doll Swimsuit -  One piece swimsuit ruffles on waistline creates a flirty skirt, sweetheart neckline, custom vibrant colorful, includes many of your girl's favorite sea life creatures.


                                                         Just Keep Swimming Doll Swimsuit   

These fabulous Ari and Friends Just Keep Swimming 18-inch doll collections is available at My Pink Planet doll clothes.



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