Meet The Eco Snooper!

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Meet the Eco Snooper!

Smile a Lot Bear,  born October 14th a Libra in Canada.  She smiles a lot and is an expert on air pollution.  When there are pollutants in the air her smiles disappears!  She dresses very conservatively and gets teased by Princepeza poodle for the way she dresses.  She sometimes forgets to close the refrigerator door, which makes the rest of the Eco Snoopers angry, but her smile makes them forget.

Plum Fairy Panda, a ballet dancer in China, born December 27th, a Sagittarius.    Plum tells everyone to turn off their lights at night.  Play it again Sam often works very late at night and falls asleep at his work bench with the lights on. Plum goes to his house and turns off the light.  She wants everyone to know that city lights can confuse animals that live near a city and harm their habitats.

Romeo the Kat,  born  March 7th, a Pisces in Sweden.    Romeo whiskers twitch when there are major pollutants in water.   He loves to eat peanuts and sometimes drops the shells on the ground.  Gets yelled at quite often from the others for littering!  

The darling backpacks each come with the detachable character so that your precious can hug her new friend!  These are great from pre-schooler to emerging tweens.

Eco Snoopers® enlighten children on how to become environmentally friendly.   Early on, designers opted to pattern Eco Snoopers® after a wide array of exotic animals, and gave each a quirky human-like personality.  The message being, animals and humans alike are all affected by how we treat the earth.  Back-stories were created for each character and these stories will eventually evolve to include a wider array of green issues.

Eco Snoopers® are also global in their make-up.  In their back-story, Eco Snoopers® originate from Indonesia, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa…even from a distant plant.  Children learn that their relationship to people of varying backgrounds – culturally and environmentally – which highlights the importance of global awareness. 

Visually, Eco Snoopers® are edgy with a puckish cartoon quality.   They’re symmetrically-askew.  They burst with color.  They’re a patchwork of patterns and fabrics.   They are infinitely cuddly and wholly whimsical.

Educationally, their message is subtle, but the fun generated is totally blatant.   Eco Snoopers® do not scare children into environmental awareness.    Rather, the Eco Snoopers® make “going green” loads of fun.   The plush characters and their accompanying line of activity books treat kids to games and craft activities that range from recycling to organic gardening.  

Visit our store for more Eco snooper products, such as diaries and scrapbook kits made from recycled fibers.

As seen on the Bonnie Hunt Show 


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