Product Review – UNRAVELS


Unravels is a very creative, cute and has a way to connect with friends. When I opened up the package I thought to be a plain pencil with cute designs but there was a secret about these pencils. The colors are vibrant and all the Unravels Wax Pencils hold secret notes inside. Some about jokes and riddles, lucky fortunes and friendship. They’re a creative way to interact with anyone. If your having friendship trouble, grab the “friendship” collection. Unwrap the paper note and it’ll give you advice or a wonderful saying about friendship to make you feel better. If your bored at home and you wanna hang out with the family, grab the “Jokes and Riddles” collection for loads of fun with your family. Also, if you have a class party or just wanna find your “Future” grab the lucky fortunes collection and find your lucky fortune in seconds. This is the way I see Unravels and how I can use them and did I mention, no need to sharpen.
Overall I think this is a wonderful product. The only draw back the paper note could be more sturdy so they don’t rip to easily.  Overall, this is a great product that I’m sure anyone would enjoy!  I did!!!!!!!!

These amazing color pencils are available at Perpetual Kid, Justice, Claire’s Michaels and Five Below.   Don’t forget to visit Unravels on facebook.

~My Pink Planet


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