About Us

My Pink Planet
Where dreams come true for girls and their doll.

We are a mother and daughter business, owned and operated with a passion for the American girl dolls and their 18" doll clothes. My daughter, Arianna an incredible creative storyteller, loves creating stories and learning about her American Girl  Dolls.  The innocence that these dolls have contributed to my daughter and many other girls has inspired me to go forward with My Pink Planet  In today's world, I find that to be a treasure.  

We offer a unique and trendy quality18 inch doll clothes and accessories that rival American Girl® 18 inch doll clothes, all at affordable prices.  Our doll clothes and accessories may not be the original Pleasant company® or Mattel® items but they are just one step away! Just read our testimonial and you will see what our customers have to say about the quality and customer care.  The overall feedback we have been receiving has been positively overwhelming.

We are aware that many competitors claim similar, but let us assure you we are a trustworthy, family-owned company. We work hard and take pride in our top notch customer service and it is our number priority to fulfill our commitment to our customers. All of our doll clothes offered in our store are inspected and we only choose the best quality and reputable manufactures for our customers. We also have a focus group which consists
of young girls, whose feedback is valuable to us and contributes to our determination of products. We receive many customer reviews which also a determining factor is. Our doll clothes will arrive at your home in our gift box, nestled in tissue paper and we guarantee it will bring a smile to you and your child. Our orders ship within the same day or next business day Monday thru Friday on in-stock items. We receive much feedback from our
customers as always we welcome and love to hear from our customers. We
hope you will jump aboard and share the pleasant shopping experience like
many of our customers and the affordable prices we offer which are 30 to
50% below comparable name brand doll clothes.

At My Pink Planet, not only will you find beautiful outstanding quality dolls clothes, doll accessories, doll furniture and doll jewelry but you will love our Girly Boutique.  Large selection of children's bedroom & play furniture, bedding, and room decor.

Our goal is to ease every parent’s search for unique and exceptional products for their children, without sacrificing time, quality and durability. Let us help create your child's room into a haven.